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Why Build an Electric Vehicle

Of course many people ask me "why are you building an electric car?" The answer is clear to me but sometimes a little difficult for me to articlate. It helps to eliminate some of the reasons that aren't a significant factor but do come into play. I'm not "going green" or trying to save the planet although those are good ideas. I'm not protesting high gas prices which have already come back down. I'm not trying to save money. I'm not trying to torture my wife and son.

I'm old enough to remember the Oil Embargo of the 1970's and the later "Oil Shortage." I've wondered for years why the government of the United States doesn't do more to develop real viable alternative renewable energy sources. As gas prices topped $4 per gallon and oil companies reaped record profits, I began to understand that no one in our government is taking a long term view of anything. If anything is going to change, it is going to require individuals in large numbers to make the change.

I also looked at what has become of trillions of U.S. dollars that have been spent over the past 30 years in the oil producing countries of the world and I asked myself if the world is a better place because of this tremendous transfer of wealth. Is this money being used to help prevent starvation in Africa, promote world peace or other big important issues? Sadly, I'm afraid the answer is no.

Therefore, I looked around on the Internet and I found that thousands of people just like me have already taken the step and converted existing gasoline cars to run on electric motors powered by existing battery technology. I was ready for a fun new project, my family was reasonably supportive and I decided that rather than replace one of our ten year old cars, I would convert a vehicle to electric power.

I don't expect to save money, although that would be a nice side effect if it actually happens and I don't expect to clean up the Earth, although it will be nice to reduce some emissions. I just want to have a fun project and feel that I am doing a small part to help reduce our country's reliance of foreign oil and keep a few more dollars in the country.