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El Ohmbre™ Electric Vehicle Project Pictures

Here are a few "before" projects taken before starting the gasoline to electric conversion.

El Ohmbre EV chassis from the front El Ohmbre EV chassis from the rear Engine before EV conversion

Here is my "crew" for the engine removal part of the project.

EV conversion crew EV conversion taking a break

Here is first step of the gasoline to electric conversion project, removing the gasoline engine.

EV conversion engine removal EV Conversion engine removal coming along EV conversion engine almost free EV conversion engine is free EV conversion engine removal completely free 1 EV Conversion engine removal completely free 2 EV conversion engine swinging

Here is the empty engine compartment with all its grease and the begining of the most tedious part of the gasoline to electric conversion, the cleaning up of all parts to be reused.

EV engine compartment after engine removal from the center EV engine compartment after engine removal from the left EV engine compartment after engine removal from the right Beginning the cleanup EV conversion transmission cleanup EV convesion transmission yuck

Most of the batteries to supply the electric power to the motor will be located under the pickup bed. So I had to remove the pickup bed and clean up the frame underneath it.

EV conversion pickup bed removed EV conversion frame rear EV conversion frame rear back

Here is the motor being connected to the hub, coupling and then the transmission.

EV conversion motor out of the box EV conversion motor coupling 1 EV conversion motor coupling 2 EV conversion motor coupling with disk EV conversion motor coupling complete EV conversion motor coupled to transmission EV conversion motor couple with chains EV conversion motor coupled from top

After a couple of months of working on Saturday, it was time to install the motor back into El Ohmbre. I took a little video of the motor going back in, but I forgot to take pictures. It took another couple of weekends to get the front motor mount machined, aligned and installed.

EV conversion motor installed from right EV conversion motor installed from front EV conversion motor installed from left

Building the front motor mount was tricky. I'll explain more on the journal page. That did get done and now it's time to build the battery boxes. Here is the first one in progress along with the pile of wood after I cut it and then all four of the finished boxes and one close up.

EV Battery Box Wood EV Battery Box One in progress EV Battery Boxes All EV Battery Box close up

I'm getting to the really fun part of the project now. I've laid out the components on the component board and cut all the holes necessary and drilled all the mounting bolt holes. Here is the bare board after painting and what it looks like installed.

EV Component board EV Component Board Lowered EV Component Board Raised

I completed installation of all the battery boxes over the weekend and loaded the batteries into the front battery box. I believe I'm ready to load the remaing batteries and begin the high voltage wiring.

EV Battery Boxes Installed Rear EV Battery Box Installed Front

Here is the component board under contstruction and beginning to load the batteries into the mid battery boxes.

EV Component Board Under Construction EV Battery Box Mid Loading

Over the past two weekend I completed most of the high voltage wiring. I have a few shrink wraps to finish and some terminal covers to add and I'm done with this task.

EV High Voltage Wiring Rear View EV High Voltage Wiring Rear Box EV High Voltage Wiring Rear Detail EV High Voltage Wiring Mid Boxes EV High Voltage Wiring Front Top EV High Voltage Wiring Front Bottom

The low voltage wiring is finished and tested. Time for the first test drive.

EV Battery Wiring Finished EV Control Panel Finished EV Ready for Drive EV First Drive EV There We Go

After a month of test driving, time to make the pickup bed tilt for battery access.

EV Tilt Bed 1 EV Tilt Bed 2

Nearing a 1,000 miles and time to get some graphics on the El Ohmbre electric vehicle.

EV Project Tailgate Graphics 1 EV Project Tailgate Graphics 2 EV Project Tailgate Graphics 3 EV Project Tailgate Graphics 4

Approaching 3,000 miles and driving to work every day. Finally fixed the gas lifting mechanism on the tilt bed. Read the journal for more details.

EV Project Liftbed Complete EV Project Liftbed Gaslifts EV Project Liftbed Gaslift Closeup EV Project Liftbed Gaslift Bracket

Burned out the 20 amp 110v outlet I was using for charging and the charging connector on the car.

EV Project Burned Outlet EV Charging Connector

Close up of some lift bed details in response to a question I received on the website. See the blog for detailed information about the liftbed question.

EV Liftbed Gap EV Liftbed Alignment Right EV Liftbed Alignment Left EV Liftbed Support Detail